Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Yaay......Caramel~Sylvia Got featured as the Fashionista of the week on the 4aces Blogspot.... So exicted

Check their YouTube Channel Out.
Some lovely funny fashion Vlogs.

Hey Guys, As some of u may know, the 4aces are one of the top Fashion Blog around, so they decided to start this Fashionista of the week, and basically you had to send your pictures to them and if they will then decide whether or not you will make it on their blog...... So I sent my pictures to them and the next day they told sent me a message back saying that I was selected as Fashionista of the week. I was so exicted and very happy. SO I AM SHARING IT WITH U GUYS.... GO CHECK IT OUT AND LEAVE UR LOVELY  COMMENTS. <3

Thanks Guys.


  1. yeiiii... congrats on the feature.

  2. I love this post! The looks are inspirational