Thursday, 24 February 2011

Janelle monae inspired afro look.. x

Love her so much <3

My Own version

Side look

I finally took of my curly weave off today and just washed my hair... And this big afro was giving me problems. So i was inspired my the lovely janelle, to help style my hair

Monday, 21 February 2011

Black~Jumpsuit with a touch of Fur

It's suprising how a primark jumpsuit that cost £5 can look so good and nice on. I had to get this vintage looking jumpsuit as soon as I saw it. Just styled it my fur shrug from h&m and my pair of wedges x



My favourie piece of this outfit is the velvet skirt, Amazing how it's £3 from primark and styled up with anything. I decided to put it toghether with a sleeveless shirt, tights and wedges. Just to make extra special I added the pearl necklace

Caramel~Sylvia's Bargain Buys

Primark Bargain Buys!

                                              Rings - Both £1

                                                        Dark Blue Velvet Mini Skirt- £3

Black Wide Leg Jumpsuit - £5

                                                             Zara Bargain Buys

                                                                  Simple Black Dress - £9.99

                                                                 Chino Trousers- £9.99

                                                         Topshop Bargain Buy

Orange looking Crop Top- £10

As I have had lots of Law courseworks to do, it's really put my moods down and made me unhappy :(. But today it was finally over and I decided to treat to myself to some shopping. To my suprise,  I was really happy with bargain that I got in 1day. :) Yaay!!!!


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Taste Of Uni Life...... Coco~Caramel Style!!

   Awwwww Our lovely friend Rachael....With her lovely cute Style... xoxo

Vintage Polka Dot Blouse- Baklash Vintage Shop
Black Lace Crop Jacket- Primak
Tights- Primark
Leopard Style Heels- New Look


Chick With The Braids

Im totally loving long big chunky braids at the moment, you know like the ones Solange has been sporting? I think she is suach a beut and too me she could do no wrong anyways, but i do think this style really does suit her especially with the headwraps she has been wearing them with. Other artists like Erykah Badu has been wearing this look for years and this was a defo nineties thing! However it seems to be making a definate comeback, and i for one is gonna jump on this look very soon! Even Brandy(queen of the braids) has gone back to what she knows. Like they say if it aint broke dont fix it right? xoxo

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Love Of African Print Couture- Zed-Eye on “Tribal Romance Revisited”

 This one has to be my favourite... wish I could have this in my closet!!!!

As a great lover of fashion and things colourful, bright and beautiful... the the Nigerian Fashion Market is really stepping up with amazing fashion coutures, that can be worn by any race... It makes me very proud as I am Nigerian. Hopefully on of these days I will have to get my hands on some of these amazing outfits..........

This Couture collection is by Ngozi Pere-Okorotie who has had her pieces worn by celebrities including Kelis, Shingai (The Noisettes), celebrity hairdresser Tara Smith and renowned British designer Henry Holland, the collection is a return to her earlier collection; “Tribal Romance”.

Thank Guys

Friday, 11 February 2011

Thank you Guys!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has followed me (Mariam) and Slyvia so far, we are so grateful and happy to know that people actually care about what we think. I dont think i could have ever done this blog by myself and it does help that i get to do it with one of my bestest friends! I cant believe that we have 15 followers already trust me, me n slyvs do a little victory dance everytime we think about it(literally). So i just want to say thank you again, sorry if im goin on but we really do apprectiate every person that even looks at our blog! Continue to follow us on our blogging journey. Coco~Caramel xo

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I adore vintage stores.... and any chance I get I always have to pop into my favourite vintage shop in Nottingham (Baklash).. I fell in love with this black printed cardi for just £9. Bargain!!!! x

Vintage Cardi- Baklash- £9
Inner black top- Topshop- £10
Velvet Tights- Primark- £4
Army Boots- Step and Style- £10


I Started loving tight maxi dresses in the summer and even now in the winter I cant get enough of them! They are so simple to style and look good with almost everything.Trust me if I could wear them everyday I would.
Jean shirling Jacket-Primark-£18
Maxi dress-H&M-£7
Army boots-Newlook-£25


Decicded to style an outfit to go with my new Heel Clogs from topshop.....I practically threw these items together and was suprised how well they complimented each other.

Khaki Shirt- H&M- £7.99
Faux Fur Gillet- Newlook- £15
Black Leggings- Primark- £4
Heel Clogs- Topshop- £15


Found this velvet leggings from primark a while ago now for a whopping £3! Topshop in your face! it just made sense to put it together with a chiffion blouse and wedges and then added i added the waistbelt for effect.
Chiffion Blouse-202-£13
Velvet leggings-Primark-£3


Heel Clogs- Topshop -£15

Nude Chiffon Wedges- Topshop -£15

After university, we decided to do a lil shopping. We had no idea we would get such good buys, but trust me it wasn't easy. It consisted me (Caramel) squeezing into a size 6 pair of shoes that didn't fit me( realising that I am size 7) but at £13.50 it didn't stop from getting them . While on the other hand, ( Coco) it was a tug of war for her to the pair of shoes.... but in the end she was the last girl standing. (Sorry to our lovely friend Aramide Esther) x