Sunday, 26 June 2011

Colour Blocking.... What do we think!!!!!

I have to Just love this..... Amazing

So this colour blocking is stunning but simple.... Some of you out there my find it difficult to pick items that will create a colour block look.... Well this is just an eassier option.
Put on a nice bright colour dress and a different bright colour heels shoe...There u have it

I have to just love these colours...... perfect...
Might recreate this look.

Hey guys...... I know the colour blocking thing has been in trend for a long time now...... And I am aware we are kinda late on the trend.... But i still decicded to make this post..... Because Colour Blocking is a major trend this summer..... So guys lets go Colour Blocking crazy lol!!!!


So guys..... This is my own version or atempt at the colour blocking trend...
I hope I atleast tried....
Tell me what u think Guyz


  1. Totally loving the first picture. I think this color blocking trend is awesome

    The Corner Shop

  2. i love the pink and orange combo

  3. loves it...oh thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and I need Kim K's shoes lol

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC