Sunday, 28 August 2011

Igbo Kwenu! (New Yam Festival Celebration)

Hey Guys....Hope everyone is fine and doing well... it's really bad that this blog has not been updated for a while, would really love to apologise for that guys!
I decided to do a post to share my culture with you.... In Nigeria we have 3 main tribes Igbo's, Hausa's and Yoruba's. Am from the Igbo tribe and we have this festival called the New Yam Fesival (basically to do with harvesting of crop n celebrating the harvest) I just love the whole celebration with the women and men in their traditional outfits. Everyone is just happy and having a good time.
Hope u guys like the post and get to see abit of my culture

Caramel x

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cute Old Skool........

Hey Dolls....... Decided to go Oldskool Today.....
aint got nothing much to say lol.... Hope u like x

Boobtube- Primark
Highwaisted Jeans- Brother's Levi
Sandals- Dorothy Perkins
Pink Floral Scarf- Vintage

Quick Video of the OOTD

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Caramel's~Sylvia's Staple Piece- Ankara Head Tie

Hey dolls..... so guy if u can tell I love afrocentric look....recentlyave made the Ankara scarf my best friend!!! lol. I practically wear it every thing. Hope u guys like the way I have paired up here.

White Shirt- H&M
Accessories- TopShop
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- WareHouse
Ankara Scarf'- Mum'S

Friday, 8 July 2011


4aces: 4ACES FASHIONISTA OF THE MONTH - JUNE: "Today we announce the 4 ACES Fashionista of the month of June...

Thanks to all that voted for me to be the 1st ever Fashionista for the 4aces blog

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Caramel's~Sylvia Day Out at Laura's Vintage store

Hey Y'all Got nothing really say lol...... Hope u like the post   oh yer I have got new hair.... finally took the plaits off.... Tell me what you think of this new hair... I decided to have a midi length brazilian hair put in!!! hope u like it guys:)

Cardi- Vintage Store
Black Boob-tube- Primark
Levi Denim Shorts- Laura's Vintage Store

And here is Video from my Youtube channel showing the outfit in full....

Thanks Y'all

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

History in Music: Beyoncé - "End of Time" - Glastonbury Festival 2011

i have watched this 1000 times love her so much Queen B

Yaay......Caramel~Sylvia Got featured as the Fashionista of the week on the 4aces Blogspot.... So exicted

Check their YouTube Channel Out.
Some lovely funny fashion Vlogs.

Hey Guys, As some of u may know, the 4aces are one of the top Fashion Blog around, so they decided to start this Fashionista of the week, and basically you had to send your pictures to them and if they will then decide whether or not you will make it on their blog...... So I sent my pictures to them and the next day they told sent me a message back saying that I was selected as Fashionista of the week. I was so exicted and very happy. SO I AM SHARING IT WITH U GUYS.... GO CHECK IT OUT AND LEAVE UR LOVELY  COMMENTS. <3

Thanks Guys.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Colour Blocking.... What do we think!!!!!

I have to Just love this..... Amazing

So this colour blocking is stunning but simple.... Some of you out there my find it difficult to pick items that will create a colour block look.... Well this is just an eassier option.
Put on a nice bright colour dress and a different bright colour heels shoe...There u have it

I have to just love these colours...... perfect...
Might recreate this look.

Hey guys...... I know the colour blocking thing has been in trend for a long time now...... And I am aware we are kinda late on the trend.... But i still decicded to make this post..... Because Colour Blocking is a major trend this summer..... So guys lets go Colour Blocking crazy lol!!!!


So guys..... This is my own version or atempt at the colour blocking trend...
I hope I atleast tried....
Tell me what u think Guyz

Response Video to 4aces Tv - Love Me

Hey Y'all so our exams are done...... We had to find ways to entertain ourselves..... I caramel~Sylvia suggested we do a response video to the 4aces Tv Love Me video..... seeing as we love Tiwa Savage- Love Me so much....... we also got 1 of our close friends to be a part of the video...... Hope u enjoy lol.... It's really cringe n funny but ohwell... Enjoy life however u can!!!!

Thank You

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Out At Laura'S Vintage Store

Hey Y'all It's been a while since we posted.... We so apologise!!! exams are over now. So there will be regular posts. Thanks to all our subcribers n if you haven't subcribed yet.... Please Please do so.....

This is CoCo~Mariam'S Outfit on our day out to oour favourote vintage shop at the moment.
Love how CoCo paired the Vintage Floral Blouse and a Staple must have Topshop Jeans... and to seal it of with a nice brown wedge and a leather jacket.
Get It Gurl... LoL!!!!

Thanks Guys

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Hey Lovely people...... wow it's been ages since we posted, but we are so sorry, we have just been busy with uni exams and revisions. But Coco is done so, she will be posting more often... Ave still got till the 10th of June to go :( (Law student ayyhhh)... This is a quick OOTD.
I love how u can mix things up to create a nice cute outfit!!!!

Leather Jacket- VeroModa
Floral Shirt- Charity Store
Acid Washed Jeans- WareHouse

Thanks Guys

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Coco~Caramel........ Day out in the Park

Happy Easter Guys...... So sorry for a very late post.... I and coco have been very busy with Uni courseworks and revisions. Anyway guys the weather lately has been very beautiful... So we decided to go out to the park by our Uni and enjoy the weather..... We call this "GALAVANTING" around the whole place. lol.. Hope u enjoy the post

Jean Jacket- H&M
White tee- Topshop
Print Floral maxi skirt- H&M
Orange Sandals- H&M
Vintage Satchel- Primark

Floral Jumpsuit- Primark
Bangles/Braclets- Topshop
Tan Gladiator Sandals- Newlook
Bag- Topshop