Thursday, 24 February 2011

Janelle monae inspired afro look.. x

Love her so much <3

My Own version

Side look

I finally took of my curly weave off today and just washed my hair... And this big afro was giving me problems. So i was inspired my the lovely janelle, to help style my hair


  1. love the look. Your hair is gorgeous. Fikki is wanting to recreate this look cause we are going to see janelle monae soon!

  2. awww thanx love..... oh wooow .... i am so jealous ur going to see d great janelle monae :(

  3. Love Janelle. You did a great job with the hair!

    Fashion Rehab

  4. Looks coool :D I like it!
    THanks for following :)
    Love Lois

  5. aww thanks ladies..... please follow

  6. lovely! How do you keep your afro? I just started growing mine. I need some tips.

  7. basically... i jus always have a weave.... and when i take it out... i jus treat my hair... then i trim the dead ends and put it back in weave or plaits... I did for a year to get it like this x